I’m two years old!

Well, that’s not exactly true. I’m not technically a two-year old child prodigy writing this fabulous post. Unless you think more readers would follow this blog if that were the case, then perhaps I could bend the truth a bit…but no. I am unquestionably honest, and alas! I cannot lie. It’s my precious little business: […]

It’s Magic

This weekend, I had my largest event yet: 537 people. That was 150 families with small children, coming together to celebrate summer with some great food and fun entertainment in a park. I was hired for this event a little over 6 weeks ago, so timing was good and I was excited to plan an […]

Baby Shower

Baby Shower event design. The mom-to-be picked light blue and brown, with polka dots. We delivered! We used many handmade items for this design. It created an elegant feel to the overall event, but you could still tell it was in celebration of a baby. We were delighted to find out that the mom kept the […]


Here is a design for a client’s 60th birthday party. She was going to sing with her band at her party and wanted a fun “club”-like atmosphere for her 100+ guests. The colors: Red and silver. The challenge: The event location was my client’s garage — an actual working shop — with tubes, wires, shelves […]

Super Event Planner

For a recent event, my client wanted to serve slushies to his guests. It was perfect for the “At the Movies” theme and it also happened to be one of my client’s favorite fun drinks. As we got closer to the event, I met with my client to go over last-minute details. Me: So for the […]


Before I launched 99 Red Balloons, I conducted extensive research to make sure that no other business had the same name. After all, what’s a business name if it can be confused with the competition, right? So I searched high and low, and couldn’t find anything. I was relieved because that name had really grown […]

“Tangled” Birthday Party

This is a design I created for a little girl’s 5th birthday party. The theme: Disney’s “Tangled” (the story of Rapunzel). The colors: Pink, purple and yellow. The challenge: Unifying a huge three-part party space that included the cake room, the kitchen and the enormous garden area. The second challenge: Create a design fit for […]