Making a Splash

Our client was a law firm that had just moved into a brand new office space. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they invited 150 of their clients and partners to see their new digs. From the very first, the client was clear with his objectives. He wanted to make a splash, while keeping his elegant clientele in mind.

The challenge: The new office was beautiful but oddly shaped. I had to find a design that would unify the space and not alienate guests on either side of the office.

Second challenge: The purpose was to showcase the office, but it was still a party. I had to create a social event with design that would highlight its features, not hide them.

The solution: Lighting and beautiful flower arrangements. Up-lighting turned the party into an event, while keeping it upscale. Orange gels softened harsh office lighting. Flowers dotted the entire space with the same colors, giving the office a sense of unity and elegance.

At our first meeting the client said: “You know, I’ve never used an event planner before. Let’s see what you can do.” I gladly accepted the challenge, and the client couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Thank you to the wonderful professionals who helped me pull this all together.

Flowers by LS Blooms
Catering by Cheat A Little Catering
Cookies by CookieXChange
Lighting by MEGA Event Production
Music by Dmitry Greenberg, Non-Stop Productions


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