Blog, I still love you!

A sprained ankle is forcing me to slow down a bit. I’m taking it as an opportunity to get back to this blog.

I’m finding that balancing 3 clients at the same time, while running the business and juggling social media is proving a challenge. While I can (sort of) keep up with Facebook (“Great event today, here’s a pic!”) and sneak in a tweet or two (“Sprained ankle. Sucks”), this beloved blog has fallen off the edge of my planet. It’s time to reach back into the ether and give it a good hug.

My event last week went very well, and the client was thankful for my help. It made me smile to see him give me two thumbs up as soon as the reception started. He was beaming, and I was too. Photos coming up in another post (I’ve got to keep you reading this blog, right?).

Right now is my busy season, with proposals flying out the door for anniversaries, milestone birthdays and corporate parties. Three events are on my radar right now, with two intimate parties (20 guests and 50 guests), and a 100-guest 60th birthday that would be so much fun to plan: a birthday party that will be a prom! The woman’s daughter wants to give her mom the prom she never got. I’m definitely crossing my fingers for that one.

Time to give the old ankle its 20-minute ice pack. Having a sprained ankle definitely sucks.

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