Try things out

I really enjoy designing tablescapes. And I usually get my best designs as I’m trying things out. Maybe you’re thinking “What?! you call yourself an event designer but you have to try things out? You mean, ideas don’t just spring into your head?!”

Ideas? I have a thousand ideas a minute! They’re springing into my head as we speak. But I find that if I don’t try things out before an event, something is always a little off. For example, it’s very difficult to imagine the true height and width of objects.

When I visualize a table arrangement for example, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. It’s telling me that plates are larger than they really are, or that an 8ft table isn’t really that long. The result: A table design that doesn’t have the right proportions. The centerpiece may be too slender and makes the table look empty. Or the color of a tablecloth looks dull because it’s missing a runner.

The simple solution: Try it first, pat yourself on the back later. Once my ideas are (literally) on the table, more creativity spring along. Let’s add confetti, napkin rings or knife holders! The details fall right into place and the design is complete.

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