Red Carpet Event

One of my clients was featured on reality TV. Yep! I know someone who was on House Hunter’s. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a reality show — I use the term “reality” very loosely here — that follows a couple or a family looking for a new home to buy. A real estate agent shows three homes to the “house hunters” who have to pick one by the end of the 30-minute show.

My client was a real estate agent featured in one of those episodes. He approached me to plan an event at his home to show the episode in question to his closest 100 friends.

The theme: “Red Carpet” Hollywood premiere. The challenge: Client’s home had an awkward layout, and we needed to fit 100 people in a small space. The house was also chalk-full of furniture that we had to remove almost entirely to rethink the entire layout design. Second challenge: My client wanted movie food (hot dogs, nachos and pretzels) and his partner insisted on gluten-free foods.

The result: Transformed the home into a chic Hollywood premiere with a movie-theater like atmosphere and red carpet photographer to boot. The added bonus: The invitations looked like movie tickets and most of the guests brought them along to make sure they could get into the party. So fun!


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