Centerpieces can be corporate, too!

If I say the word “centerpiece,” chances are you’re thinking “wedding.” Those enormous vases heavy with dripping flowers, feathers and/or major bling at the center of every wedding dinner table.

Not so, I say! For one thing, centerpieces don’t have to be 6ft tall and act as pillars hiding you from the other guests around the table. They can be short, long, wide, transparent, handmade and even fun. Yes, FUN!

For another, centerpieces can also work for corporate events. You are dubious. That’s probably because if you think hard about your last corporate event, all you can recall are a few flowers. Probably something red, with a couple of leaves. Carnations? Or maybe they were roses. Bo-ring. The opposite of fun.

To do this right, designers need two things: imagination and a good idea of the company’s culture. For example, it would be terribly inappropriate to use plastic elements for a company’s “Green Certification” celebration. You get the idea.

For a recent corporate event, I spent some time thinking about the centerpieces I would design. This was a social event in nature, but corporate at its core: Employees were throwing a party for their departing CEO. My first move was to ask a lot of questions about the CEO’s personality, the atmosphere at work and the company’s core values.

And I really liked the answers. The CEO was kind of quirky. He’d dressed up as a viking with horns on an enormous helmet at their last Halloween party; he had all his employees wear a mohawk on the day they launched their product. But he’d also instilled an atmosphere of trust, he’d pushed his employees to think big and rewarded innovation.

I decided to think outside the box, and keep a clean look that would be absolutely unique. I played with the company name (IMVU), transparency and a little tech element. Corporate centerpieces accomplished!


2 thoughts on “Centerpieces can be corporate, too!

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