It’s Magic

This weekend, I had my largest event yet: 537 people. That was 150 families with small children, coming together to celebrate summer with some great food and fun entertainment in a park. I was hired for this event a little over 6 weeks ago, so timing was good and I was excited to plan an event with some good clean fun.

I was in charge of overall planning, entertainment, games, event timeline — that’s the flow of the event, what happens when — and on-site event management. I had just a few guidelines, but was free to create an event that would be fresh. Creation: that’s my favorite part!

This event happens every year. To break from past events, I spent some time finding out what had worked, what hadn’t, what was important to families and to my client. Only then did I narrow down entertainment options, the theme and started selecting vendors and entertainers who would be just right.

Theme: The Magic of Summer!
Entertainer: a magician (of course!)
Bounce House: a large castle (that’s where magic happens!)
Family Game: scavenger hunt
Bonus: ice cream truck! (what’s more magic than hearing the sound of the ice cream truck?)

Families were bringing small children — between 2 and 4 — and we needed to cater to them. The games I designed were simple but exciting. The smallest child could do them, and older children had a blast, too. I kept the prizes simple, not fancy, because this was not about competition but about participation and excitement. Their little eyes lit up every time they got their stickers. Parents were beaming to see how excited their children were. That’s magic!


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