Super Event Planner

For a recent event, my client wanted to serve slushies to his guests. It was perfect for the “At the Movies” theme and it also happened to be one of my client’s favorite fun drinks.

As we got closer to the event, I met with my client to go over last-minute details.

Me: So for the slushies, we’ll have nice clear tumblers.
Client: No no no! I want to serve the slushies in those cups they have at the movies.
Client: You know, the tall ones with yellow and blue on them. The ones you get at 7Eleven. That’s what I want.

I left the meeting perplexed. How would I get those? Barely a week before the event, it was impossible to order anything online. I started my search at restaurant wholesalers, then party stores, and warehouse stores. Nothing. Then an idea struck: go to the source. I walked right into the closest 7Eleven.

When I arrived at the house for setup, my client was waiting for me.

Me: Alan, I am your super event planner.
Client: You are?
Me: *proudly showing him 140 7Eleven cup, tops and straws*
Client: *BEAMING* You ARE my super event planner!

I need to get myself a super suit.

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