Top 5 tips for your child’s next birthday

I wrote this article for a couple of Mother’s Clubs in the area. Try these out next time you’re planning a party for little guys & gals.

1) Start the planning process by chatting with your child. Let him or her pick the colors, theme or decorative items they’d like to see at their party. It’s a great way to get them excited about their party. They’ll feel special during the planning process and that’s so much more fun than being special for just one day.

2) This is crucial: Always ask your child or your child’s teacher if any children have food allergies. If you forgot to ask the teacher, take the time to email each little guest’s parents. They will appreciate your concern and you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to your delicious cake and snacks.

3) Make a quick plan for the duration of the party. Start by figuring out what time the cake should come out and work backwards from there. The more structured activities or games should go before the cake. After the cake, kids will be on a bit of a “sugar high” and will mostly want to run around. It’s a great time for hide-and-seek or a good ol’ fashion game of Tag.

4) Include lots of balloons in your décor. Give each little guest a balloon when they leave – you get rid of the balloons and they love their little gift!

5) Have one or two back-up activities. You may be expecting a face-painter who cancels at the last minute or you could find that you’ve misplaced that great poster you made for “pin the tail on the donkey.” Having backup activities will ensure your peace of mind.

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